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Services we provide

We provide both specialty and basic services at our Clinic. Click on the buttons below for more information, directions and maps.

Please note: as an educational institution, our clinics reserve the right to accept only those cases that are suitable for treatment by a dental student; we regret that registration is not a guarantee of treatment. 



Our clinic offers basic dental care such as x-rays, cleanings, fillings, dentures and crowns.  

Oral Diagnosis, Oral Radiology, and Clinic 2 -- where most cleanings and fillings are done -- are located on the second floor at 101 Elm Street. Some patients will be referred to Clinic 1, located on the first floor. Patients should check in at Patient Reception, located in the lobby at 101 Elm Street, before going to their appointment.

Oral Diagnosis
Clinic 2
Oral Radiology
Clinic 1

A limited number of emergency appointments are available for cases of acute pain. 

Click here for more information on how to register for our emergency services.

The Emergency clinic is located on the second floor at 101 Elm Street. Patients should check in at Reception, located in the lobby at 101 Elm Street before proceeding to the clinic. 

Emergency Clinic

If your child needs dental care, please register directly with the Children’s Clinic. This Clinic is a full-service Clinic for kids, and can even offer dental work under anaesthesia. Children cannot be registered with the adult clinic. Please call the Children’s Clinic directly at (416) 864-8280

Click here for more information on our children's services, as well as registration information.

The Children's Clinic is located on the first floor at 101 Elm Street. 

Children's Clinic

If you are an adult who needs braces, or have a child who needs braces, you can either be referred to our Graduate Orthodontics Clinic, or you can register for this service directly at (416) 864-8340

Click here for more information on orthodontics services at the Faculty of Dentistry Clinics, as well as registration information. 

Your appointment for braces may take place at 481 University, on the fourth floor. Y

Orthodontic Clinic


We offer anaesthesia during dental procedures for children as well as adults.  

Children are treated at the Paediatric Dental Surgicentre, located in Room 256. Adult patients will be seen in the Graduate Anaesthesia Clinic.

Paediatric Dental Surgicentre and Graduate Anaesthesia Clinic

Dental implants are permanent replacement teeth. 

Dental implants may be managed in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) Clinic, the Oral Reconstruction Centre, or the Graduate Implant-Prosthodontic Clinic. 


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) Clinic
Oral Reconstruction Centre (ORC)
Graduate Implant-Prosthodontic Clinic

Dentures are a set of artificial teeth that can be removed. Bridges are artificial teeth that cannot be removed, and can fill larger gaps in the mouth. Unlike dental implants, which replace a single missing tooth, a bridge replaces several missing teeth in a row.


These treatment options are offered as part of our general clinical practice (Clinic 1 or Clinic 2). In some instances, you may be referred to one of our specialty clinics: the Oral Reconstruction Centre or the Graduate Prosthodontics Clinic.

Clinic 1
Graduate Prosthodontics
Clinic 2
Oral Reconstruction Centre (ORC)

Gum disease is the world's second most common disease. The Faculty of Dentistry clinic treats all levels of gum disease.  

You may receive gum treatment at one of the following clinics: Clinic 1, Clinic 2, the Graduate Perio Clinic, Graduate Perio/ORC, or the 2nd Year/IDAPP Perio Recall Clinic (located in Clinic 2).

If you require special care, you may be referred to the Perio-Implant Disease Diagnosis and Management Clinic, or the Refractory Periodontitis Clinic.

Clinic 1
Clinic 2
Graduate Perio and Graduate Perio/ORC

You may be referred to Oral Surgery for more complicated procedures, such as the removal of wisdom teeth. 

Oral surgeries are performed in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic

Root canals are treatments for inner tooth infections. 

Emergency root canals will be treated in the Emergency Clinic (see map details above). You may also receive root canal treatment as part of our general practice, in Clinic 1 or Clinic 2, or in the Graduate Endodontic Clinic. 

Clinic 1
Clinic 2
Graduate Endodontic Clinic

You may be referred to our Oral Radiology clinic for specialized imaging.

All x-rays are taken in the Oral Radiology Clinic, located at the west end of Clinic 2. 

Oral Radiology Clinic